Mazyar K. Shamshoni knew from childhood that he wanted to be an attorney.  Experiencing injustice as a child from a blue collar family, he felt powerless and vowed to stand up and fight for the powerless and those in need of an advocate.

Mr. Shamshoni is the youngest of three children and the only member of his family to attend college.  He studied Political Science at University of California, Berkeley.  After graduating from college, Mr. Shamshoni worked as a Legal Assistant for Disability Group, where he actively advocated for the rights of those in need.  Thereafter, he worked as a Consultant at Kurtzman Carson Consultants, one of the nation’s biggest bankruptcy firms during the height of the recession.  After witnessing the horrors and economic devastation of the recession, Mr. Shamshoni was determined more than ever to pursue his childhood dream of becoming an attorney by attending Southwestern Law School.  As a law student, Mr. Shamshoni externed for the District Attorney’s office and worked for Enenstein & Ribakoff, where he contributed to a $34.5 million jury verdict.

Mr. Shamshoni’s ambitions and desires to help those in need led him to establish Shamshoni Law Firm, a firm that its core belief is to put our shoes in the shoes of clients to better understand the clients’ interests and goals.  With this philosophy, Shamshoni Law Firm is better able to represent and counsel clients.

Shamshoni Law Firm is dedicated to aggressively and zealously advocate on behalf of our clients.  We understand that legal matters can be overwhelming and stressful, but we are here to provide you with the peace of mind and comfort you need while we aggressively fight for your rights and not allow you to be taken advantage of.  Society has created an environment where people are viewed as numbers and the human aspect has been left out of the equation.  Shamshoni Law Firm puts the emphasis on the human aspect of the equation.

In his spare time, Mr. Shamshoni enjoys spending time with his family, being involved in his community, playing basketball, hiking, and catching up on world news.