Business Litigation


Shamshoni Law Firm prides itself in working with our clients to understand the challenges they face and how to reach the best solution in the most efficient manner.  We understand that every case is unique because every client and their matter is unique.  We focus on the goals of our clients and develop strategies to achieve them.  We are dedicated to providing our clients with the best legal and business advice.

Business litigation is a very intricate and tedious area of law since its realm reaches into, and permeates, commercial and business relationships. For that reason, it is often affirmed that business litigation is a complex area of the law which can have enormous effects on the lives of the parties, good or bad, depending on the ruling. The basic starting point to understand this complexity is that harmful or offensive interference’s with relationships and transactions in business are actionable; furthermore, since all relationships in the commercial and business world deal with rights deriving from contractual agreements, the law of contracts and the violation of rights and duties of the parties to a valid contract come up. So, in other words, business litigation has a plethora of issues which arise mostly due to tortious conduct & contractual violations or a combination thereof.


- Breach of Contract Actions
- Breach of Fiduciary Duties
- Fraud
- Oral Contract Interpretations
- Interference with Business Relations
- Unfair business practices
- Construction Disputes
- Real Estate Disputes
- Financial Market Disputes
- Commercial Disputes
- Business Interference Issues


Individual and business disputes arise during the course of everyday interactions and dealings.  Business disputes affect an individual’s livelihood, therefore our clients input is of the utmost importance when devising our case strategy.  We pride ourselves in understanding our clients’ interests and achieving their goals in a cost and time efficient manner.

As issues arise within our daily lives, disputes naturally cycle in and out too. This same reality is found in the day to day interactions of businesses and the various ways in which they interact with the business and commercial environments of which they call home. Many issues do not require a resolution, they are just minor disturbances that are easily avoided or tolerated rather than blown out of proportion. Habituation of not absolutely and definitively resolving issues to a final black and white outcome, coupled with the complexity of the business law realm makes it clear that stellar counsel who will fight on your behalf is a requirement.


At the end of the day, our clients’ goals are our top priority. We know that goals are achieved in court in favor of our client when we resolve disputes in our favor. For this reason, we aggressively attack the positions held by our opponents and discover any weaknesses in their case to gain the advantage.